Vormelker-Thomas Student Award

Guidelines for applying for this award are available.   

 Originally called The Student Stipend Award, the current name is the VORMELKER-THOMAS STUDENT AWARD. Since 1977 the News Division has offered a Student Stipend Award to a graduate student interested in a career in newspaper librarianship. Originally the stipend of $200 was designed to help defray the cost of attending the SLA Annual Conference. Currently the award consists of $500 from the News Division and $1000 from ProQuest. The current name honors the memory and division work of Rose Vormelker and Lou Thomas.

Previous Winners

1978 Anita Gauthier, Durham Herald Sun News Library
1980 Gloria Colvin, Durham Herald Sun News Library
1980 Chris Kucharski, Detroit Free Press News Library
1981 Doris Hinson, Durham Herald Sun News Library
1981 Sandra Cutuli, University Reseach Library University of Cal.
1982 Reyes Vila Belda, University of California Los Angeles
1983 Patricia Ann Wood, University of North Carolina Chapel- Hill
1984 Carol E. Bjork, University of Denver
1985 Christine Malesky, Catholic University of America
1986 Elaine J. Cambell, Iowa State University
1987 Teresa G. Leonard, UNC Chapel Hill
1988 Robert I. Davidson, Florida State University
1989 Jacquelyn Cenacveira, University of South Florida
1990 Susan Hill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1991 Maureen Morrow, Long Island University
1992 Teresa Prince, University of Michigan
1993 Julie Bolding, University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana
1994 Glenn Johnson-Grau, UCLA Graduate School of Library & Info Science
1995 Catherine Cino, University of Western Ont
1996 Elizabeth Larson, University of Michigan
1997 Leigh Poitinger, University of Texas at Austin
1998 Susan J. Ebbs, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1998 Joanne W. Miller, University of California at Berkeley
1999 Solveig Benedikte Nes, College of Oslo, Norway
2000 Jessica Baumgart, University of Wisconsin at Madison
2001 Christine Davies, Dalhousie University
2002 Hannah Sommers, University of Texas at Austin
2003 Jennifer Klimas, University of Maryland
2004 Amy Disch, University of Wisconsin at Madison
2005 Andrea Nemetz, Dalhousie University
2006 Emily Glenn, Kent State University
2007 Sara Wedell, University of Michigan
2008 Heather Cottle, University of Missouri-Columbia
2009: Theresa Lepine, Dominican University
2010: No award given