Ralph J. Shoemaker Award of Merit

Originally called the AWARD OF MERIT, the current name is RALPH J. SHOEMAKER AWARD OF MERIT. To consist of a certificate. This award is given to each Division Chairman upon the completion of his or her term of office.

Previous Chairs:

1977-1978 Lou Thomas Baton, Rouge Morning Advocate
1978-1979 none given
1979-1980 Sandra K. Hall, Arizona Daily Star
1980-1981 Julia Vance, Newspaper Library Consultant
1981-1982 Shirley Mooney, Pacific Press Ltd.
1982-1983 Harish Tivedi, Daton Daily News
1983-1984 Barbara Semonche, Durham Herald
1984-1985 Carolyn Hardnett, Chicago Tribune Press Service
1985-1986 Kathy Foley, Washington Post
1986-1987 Diane Miller, Daily Pantagraph
1987-1988 Bob Isaacs, Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel
1988-1989 Richard Geiger, San Francisco Chronicle
1989-1990 Sharon Ostman, Orange County Register
1990-1991 Lany McDonald, Raleigh News & Observer
1991-1992 Margaret Neu, Corpus Christi Caller-Times
1992-1993 John Cronin, Boston Herald
1993-1994 Donna Scheeder, Congressional Research Service
1994-1995 Mary Kate Leming, Palm Beach Post
1995-1996 Charlie Campo, Bangor Daily News
1996-1997 Teresa G. Leonard, Raleigh News & Observer
1997-1998 Thomas M. Lutgen, Los Angeles Times
1998-1999 Carol A. Campbell, The Daily Oklahoman
1999-2000 Virginia W. Everett, Atlanta Journal Constitution
2000-2001 Debra Bade, CNN
2001-2002 Jody Habayeb, Tampa Tribune
2002-2003 Michael Jesse, The Indianapolis Star
2003-2004 Linda Henderson, Providence Journal
2004-2005 Jennifer Small Evert, LexisNexis
2005-2006 Denise Jones, The News & Observer
2006-07: Jim Hunter, Columbus Dispatch
2007-08: Justin Scroggs, Newsbank
2008-09: Ron Larson, Wisconsin State Journal


Ralph J. Shoemaker (1907-1980). Librarian, Philadelphia Public Ledger. Librarian, Louisville Courier-Journal. Chairman, Newspaper Division SLA 1935-1936. Shoemaker was one of the Newspaper Divison’s most prestigious pioneers. He made significant contributions to the advancement of newspaper librarianship and played an outstanding role in the development and growth of the News Division. Among his accomplishments and contributions to the profession were: the first index of subject classification and picture files (ANPA 1958); the invention of the first microfilm reader-printer and the organization of the picture library at the Pentagon during World War II.