Agnes Henebry Roll of Honor Award

Originally called the ROLL OF HONOR AWARD, the current name is the AGNES HENEBRY ROLL OF HONOR. To consist of a certificate. This award is given to a member or former member for service to the Division and for participation in Division programs and projects. In 1984 in memory of former founding member and long standing contributer to the Division Agnes Henebry the name was changed to the AGNES HENEBRY ROLL of HONOR AWARD. Originally this award was given at or near the close of an active professional career.

Previous Winners

1978 John J. Doohan, Kansas City Star; Joseph F. McCarthy, New York Times; Ralph J. Shoemaker, Louisville Courier-Journal
1979 William D. Chase; Flint Journal; David A. Rhydwen Toronto Globe and Mail
1980 Beatrice DuBois, ANPA Library; Roy T. King, St. Louis Post-Dispatch; Joseph E. Molloy, Philadelphia Inquirer
1981 Anne B. Jennings, Newspaper Library Sevice Hemet California; Josephine R. Johnson, Louisville Courier-Journa; Alison Oppedahl, Detroit Free Press
1982 James L. Criswell, Houston Post; Edward W. Quill, Boston Globe; Rex Schaeffer, Rochester Times-Union
1983 Sandra K. Hall, Arizona Daily Star; Grace D. Parch, Cleveland Plain Dealer; Lou Thomas, Baton Rouge Morning Advocate
1984 Virginia Carter Hills, National Geographic Society; Helen M. Orcutt, The Blade Toledo Ohio; Marian M. Orgain, The Houston Cronicle; Chester W. Sanger, Christian Science Monitor
1985 James Scofield, St. Petersburg Times-Independent; Joy Hill, USA Today; Ernest Perez, Chicago Sun-Times; Nancy W. Stoddard, St. Louis Post Dispatch
1986 Homer Martin, Bergen Record; Joseph Mehr, Providence Journal; Mark Hannan, Washington Post; Barbara Newcombe, Chicago Tribune
1987 Carol Lindsay, Toronto Star; Shirley Mooney, Pacific Press Ltd. Vancover
1988 Beverly Russell, Seattle Times; Harish Trivedi, Dayton Daily News
1989 Louise LeGette, Tampa Tribune; Benjamin Lightman, Time Inc.
1990 Joseph D. Dimarino, VU/TEXT Information Services Inc.; Barbara P. Semonche, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1991 Kathy Foley, The Washington Post; Carolyn Hardnett, The Baltimore Sun
1992 Mary Jo (M.J.) Crowley, Philadelphia Newspapers Inc.
1993 Yvonne Egerston, Newspaper Association of America; Jo Kirks, Knight-Ridder News Service; Kathy Trimble, U.S. News and World Report
1994 Richard Gieger, The San Francisco Chronicle; Nora Paul, The Poynter Institute
1995 Diane Sponsler Logsdon, The Pentagraph; Elizabeth Haworth, Midlands Technical College
1996 George Schlukbier, NandO; Mary Ann Skinner, Newsday
1997 John F. Jansson, Chicago Tribune; Donna W. Scheeder, Library of Congress
1998 John Cronin, Boston Herald; John Mark and Linda Paschal
1999 No Award Given
2000 Robert H. Jansen, Minneapolis Star Tribune; Linda Henderson, Providence Journal
2001 Charlie Campo, Bangor Daily News; Teresa Leonard, Raleigh News and Observer
2002 Jim Hunter, Columbus Dispatch; Sharon Clairemont, Orange County Register
2003 Judy Canter, The San Francisco Chronicle; Ginny Everett, Atlanta Journal-Constitution
2004 Liz Donovan, The Miami Herald; Gary Price, ResourceShelf
2005 Ron Larson, Capital Newspapers; Alice Pepper, Detroit Free Press
2006 Ellie Briscoe, National Geographic Society; Kee Malesky, National Public Radio
2007 Debra Bade, Chicago Tribune; Jessica Baumgart; Renesys
2008 Carolyn Edds, St. Petersburg Times; Leigh Poitinger, San Jose Mercury News
2009 Sammy Alzofon, The Palm Beach Post; Mona Hatfield, Contra Costa Times
2010 Justin Scroggs, Newsbank; Jennifer Evert, LexisNexis


Agnes Henebry (1911-1982). Librarian, Decatur IL (1930-1973). Office Operations Assist., Linday Schaub Newspapers (1973-1982). Chair, Newspaper Division SLA (1948-1949). Agnes Henebry occupied a position of respect and affection in the Newspaper Division which is unparalleled and unprescendented. She held every divisional office and served on numerous committees. It was through her dedication as division archivist that the record of history and development of the division was preserved. And it was through her interest and leadership that the pre-conference and regional newspaper library seminars were begun, a legacy which continues to be one of the division’s strongest programs. She was one of the authors and served on the Editorial board for the Guidelines for Newspaper Libraries (ANPA 1974). She taught, she shared, she inspired, and encouraged. She honored the Division; the Division honors her.