News Division Awards

MJ Crowley wrote most of the text on this page when she was SLA News Division Archivist.

The SLA News Division awards as we know them today began with the “first annual awards luncheon” June 15, 1978 at Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri. Actually the preparation for this luncheon and the awards began in the years prior…but the list of recipient winners dates from 1978.

Barbara Semonche has gathered more information about the awards and the News Division’s annual Awards Banquets, including images of the programs and photos from the banquets.

The principal awards of the News Division are:

NOTE: History notes were compiled and written by Lou Thomas. For a additional information on the awards and those they honor see: “What in the World is a Kwapil?” by Lany Walden McDonald. News Library News, Vol. XIV, No. 1,. FALL 1991, Page 16.